Why Our Project Management Team Is So Successful Learn About The Robbins Construction Project Management Team & Why They’re So Successful For Memphis Homeowners

Here at Robbins Construction, we put a huge amount of professional focus and emphasis into project management. This ensures every project we get involved with unfolds as smoothly, as easily, and as effectively as possible for our clients.

And frankly, we’ve assembled an amazing team over the years.

Right now we have a group of extremely skilled project managers.

  • One came to us years ago after a long stint as Executive VP of a large regional home builder in our area. She’s as sharp as a tack and has seemingly endless energy.
  • Another came to us after being a home builder himself; he’s built more gorgeous custom homes than our entire company has! His experience truly shines in the way he handles each project.
  • We have another who is a bit younger (early 30s) with an engineering degree from a brilliant family. So talented!
  • Another came to us with boatloads of experience and creative intellect, and he’s been one of the best problem solvers we’ve ever seen.

With Robbins, you know you’re not going to be dealing with any of the stereotypical ‘Good Ol’ Boy’ project managers. Our PMs aren’t cocky or overbearing. They aren’t going to stomp into the room in their cowboy boots and act like they know everything.

“See here, just step outa my way little lady…”

None of that. Instead, our PMs have a much softer feel. Because of their vast experience, they lead through actions and skills…not just words.

Robbins PMs are head-to-toe professionals who wear khakis, Robbins Construction polo shirts, and functional shoes. We’re ready to work and ask our way into solutions.

There’s always a curveball on every job that we do, and our PMs just keep asking questions.

“How would you like to resolve this?”

“How would you like this to look?”


We don’t do too much telling. Our process is built upon pillars of listening and asking questions.

This is fundamentally what separates Robbins Construction from your average home remodeling contractor who doesn’t put as much thought into planning, preparing for, and coming through on highly complex, six-figure remodels.

Professional project management is our calling card; a foundational part of our overall full-service process.

Our scheduling is strict.

Absolutely nothing, not a single component, is put together ‘on the fly’ because in the end these types of moves just mean more work or worse…substandard work…later on.

Our communication methods aren’t scattershot but pleasant, collaborative, attentive, and oriented on results.

  • Daily communication via email, text, or phone from your project manager.
  • A visit to the job site by the project manager at least once a day.
  • At least one face-to-face meeting per week with your project manager.

With Robbins, you’re in the loop. You’re a big part of each step. We’re here to make your remodeling or handyman needs as pleasant and easy as possible. If you’d like to know more, give us a call at your convenience or stop by our Germantown showroom. Thanks for your time today, and here’s the top-notch project management!

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