6 Lovely Kitchen Remodel Ideas From Across Greater Memphis

Robbins Construction has been remodeling kitchens across Greater Memphis for a long time and has built quite a spectacular reputation in the area.

Dynamic Color Contrasts (That Work)

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Coloring is so subjective! What do you think of the way the flooring, two different countertops, and lighting work together? Do they mesh well in your eyes, or do they clash? Well, maybe they ‘clash’ but in an excellent appealing way — familiar with art and interior design.
This family feels the colors are bold, vibrant and add a real sense of depth to their home.

Classic Brickwork With Modern Accents

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Brickwork, especially in the backsplash area (whether natural or a veneer), is an effective way to add a classy or rustic feel to your kitchen. Combining it with modern accents, crafty storage options, and gleaming metallic appliances makes the space feel crisp, clean, and inviting.
What do you think?

Vintage Lighting & Complimentary Countertops

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Of course, the one component that REALLY stands out here is…the gorgeous lighting. It’s not subtle or meant to be. But aren’t those fixtures cool? They look old and vintage and help to define the space. Look at the amount of impact their soft curves have and how they seem to match the countertops and custom cabinetry perfectly. 

Tons & Tons Of Storage Space!

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Artistic Tile Backsplashes & Large Islands

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Large, Open Kitchens For Entertaining

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Share Your Vision & Ideas With Memphis Professionals

Are you ready for your next remodeling project? Let us take it to the next level. Schedule a free consultation today! 

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