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5 Common Questions We’re Asked By Midtown, Memphis Homeowners (Answers Included)

  1. The highest level of family-orientated professional customer service. We’re long-time locals based in Germantown. Another way to look at it is, if we were an eating out experience, we’d be like private fine family dining at Flight or something along those lines. The finest service.
  1. If you were to visit our various Galleries of previous remodeling projects, you’ll see a wide spread from within Midtown, Memphis - Bathroom Remodels, Kitchen Remodels, lots of restorative and maintenance work, general handyman services to keep everything running smooth, etc.
  • Robbins Construction actually began as a custom home building company. Then over 15 years+ years, we began offering more individualized remodeling and handyman services to grow our customer base. We have tons of experience working with vintage historic homes.


Our prices for everything from remodeling to maintenance aren’t going to be either high or low because those words are essentially meaningless. The words our customers use to describe our prices and pricing process in general are fair, transparent, and line-by-line accurate.

  1. A highly-professional 10-step process and we run a tight-ship company that puts serious emphasis on Project Management. There are no surprises with Robbins Construction, other than the pleasant kind when your eyes pop wide open at the site of our work. Our mastercrafters and talent are hired under a high-bar of service expectations as well.   

Don’t Take Our Word For It - Browse Our Galleries: Check Our Reviews

After you browse our galleries, your first thought is likely something along the lines of, “Okay, but what’s it like to work with them?” That’s what most people fret about when it comes to this industry, actually dealing with the residential remodeling company.

This is where our reviews come in. They are a verified genuine source of information you can take to heart, because people don’t mess around when this kind of money and their homes are on the line. 

Let’s look at a couple 5-star ultra-happy reviews from two of our projects relating to older, more vintage homes. We’ve edited them a little only to shorten them (they’re both twice as long) and remove specific names.

“We've had many different contractors in our old house (built 1902), and haven't seen one even come close to the high quality and professionalism of Robbins and their project manager. We did a master bathroom rehaul with some other odds and ends... and it looks fantastic. We had setbacks unrelated to Robbins (vendors sending broken vanities, etc) and they not only rolled with the punches, but made you feel like their #1 priority was to make sure you're happy.”

Of all the little hiccups you can experience dealing with a home that’s well over a century old, highly-reputable vendors sending broken products isn’t usually one of them. But, we don’t let it get in the way of outstanding service. 

Even the weather won’t stop us (usually).

“We have a very old house and have done many projects over 30 years... used many contractors. Robbins Construction has been one of the best for several reasons...a pleasure to work with and good input on design and recommendations... team were on the job and always trustworthy, pleasant, left a clean workplace and built with very high standards and timeliness when the weather and unforeseen circumstances allowed.”

Local Versatility: Our Residential Remodeling Services

You can turn to Robbins Construction for just about anything related to residential remodeling, maintenance and repair. Here’s a bullet-point view to give you an idea of our versatility.

  • Custom Home Building – From The Ground Up
  • Asphalt Shingle Roofing – Installation, Repair & Maintenance
  • Full Bathroom Remodeling
  • Full Kitchen Remodeling – Including Outdoor Kitchens
  • Home Additions –  Including Built Ins & Closets
  • Porch Design & Construction
  • Stairs, Flooring & Tile Installation
  • Door Installation & Door Exteriors – Including Door Repair
  • Fireplaces & Millwork
  • General Handyman Services

Our Service Area Focus - Central & Eastern Memphis

As mentioned, we’re based in Germantown, but we’ve established service areas throughout Central & Eastern Memphis. While we sometimes dream about being the go-to for all of Memphis, for now here’s how they break down. If in doubt, don’t be afraid to call. 

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