How Much Should Online Reviews Matter When Choosing A Memphis Area Remodeler?

Do you remember the “bad old days” when it was nearly impossible to get independent information about a remodeling contractor you were thinking about hiring?

It could be hard to tell a good, reliable contractor from a ‘fly-by-night’ contractor because all you had to go by was what they told you themselves.

You could get some references, but that meant calling people you didn’t know. And even then, you were only talking to people that the company themselves put you in touch with.

This was of course the pre-internet days before online reviews became common.

Now online reviews are a goldmine of valuable INDEPENDENT information about Memphis area remodeling contractors and homeowners no longer have to guess about a company.

The 3 Things To Look For In Online Reviews About Memphis Area Remodeling Companies

Here are some important things to think about as you check out online reviews:

#1 How MANY Reviews Does The Company Have?

If you find a Memphis remodeling company with only a small handful of reviews, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad. But it does mean that it can be hard to trust the information as a fully accurate picture of the company.

For one thing, one or two reviews could be from a family member or a friend.

For another, even if the reviews are straight up legitimate, having only a few reviews makes it hard to tell how consistent the company is.

(And this can work both ways: one or two mediocre or bad reviews does not necessarily mean you have a bad company. It could have been left by someone near impossible to please or even a fraudulent review).

This is why we think having at least 20+ reviews on a credible review site is necessary if you want a true picture. Once you see that many reviews, there’s enough information for a balanced view of the company.

#2 What Is The Site That The Reviews Are On?

The internet still has a bit of the ‘Wild West’ in it. That may be fun in some cases, but when you want to make a good remodeling decision, you don’t want the ‘Wild West’ – you need information you can trust.

That’s why we recommend taking into account where the reviews are posted.

You can call us biased (because we have many excellent reviews on the site), but we think Google Reviews is a particularly good choice for reliability. A lot of people use their Google accounts to leave reviews, and typically a Google account is tied to a real name and a real person, and they use the account for many things on the internet.

This tends to up the reliability of the reviews on Google.

Sometimes all people do is look at the average review rating (the # of stars a company averages in their ratings). That’s obviously a valuable piece of information.

But we think it is even more useful to look at what people actually say. Often when you read the details, you get a much clearer idea of how enthusiastic a customer is with the results. And you begin to see patterns in what people say about a company.

So… what do people say about Robbins Construction online?

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A Few Quotes From Our Online Reviews

We’re pretty proud of our record of online reviews. Here’s a sampling of excerpts from our review:

“Highly recommend above *ALL* construction companies in the Memphis, TN area! Trust me, I met with 5 different companies over the course of 3 months at the beginning of 2020 and Robbins came through with the best price, the quickest timeline AND a very personable experience.”

Nikki R. Veit

“We have done a few home renovations with different contractors and Robbins Construction is head and shoulders above the others. They always showed up when they said they would (I’d even see them waiting outside until it was the scheduled time before ringing the doorbell). It might not seem like such a big thing, but I’ve found that this is not the norm The work was done on time and on budget, and the quality was great. They aren’t the cheapest, but not the most expensive either. We found the project manager to be very responsive…. a real pleasure to work with.”

Tim Frandsen

“It is extremely rare to find service providers in the construction industry who are excellent on both the business/customer service side and the workmanship side, but Robbins is one of those businesses.”

Thomas Ludwig

“Robbins did an outstanding job with our kitchen remodel. They finished the job early, had no major snags or issues during the work and all their staff was professional and a pleasure to work with. Our kitchen is bright and beautiful. They were receptive to our ideas we wanted to incorporate in the remodel and made them happen. I can’t say enough kind things about this whole remodeling process. We highly recommend Robbins Construction.”

Virginia Bell

We invite you to read the full reviews plus many more positive comments about Robbins Construction on Google Reviews

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